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Water level

Water temperature

Air temperature, now and last 24 hours
   At 9:00 it was -11,0°C in Ammarnäs
   Min -17.3°C and max -8.9°C last 24h
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Air temperature the last 4 weeks (Min-Med-Max)
If there is a big difference between maximum and minimum temperature, it was probably high pressure with falling water and vice versa

Tjulån in Ammarnäs (Sometimes the image is not updated)

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Sep 15 2022: Thank you all trout fishermen
At midnight, the trout fishing closed for the season and now there are nice autumn days with grayling fishing. Both Sjöforsen and Övreforsen are open for grayling fishing. Övreforsen is part of Kraddsele Allmänna (public permit) from September 15. Vindelån and the area between Guordisbäcken and Järnforsen are closed for the year from September 15. Tjulån is open for grayling fishing on Ammarnäs Allmänna kort (public permit).